Dr. Katepalli Sreenivasan's Lectures

A 100 reasons for doing science - PUBLIC LECTURE
Wednesday, November 29, 4:00pm, Room 122 - Turnbull conference Center (refreshments to be served at 3:30 pm).

Abstract: Drawing upon some 100 short articles written at this speakerís behest by eminent scientists, this talk will describe the motivations of young students of yester years for doing science, often under difficult and trying circumstances.
Cryogenic turbulence
Tuesday, November 28, 4:15pm, Room A260 - FAMU-FSU College of Engineering, 2525 Pottsdamer Street.

Abstract: Using the special properties of helium both above and below the lambda point (about 2.18 deg K), properties of turbulence can be explored in regimes never reached before. This lecture will be a summary of recent progress made in understanding both classical and superfluid turbulence.
Singular-like features of turbulence
Friday, December 1, 3:30pm, Math Colloquium, 101 Love Building.

Abstract: This lecture will focus on the general problem of intermittency in turbulence and the hurdles it creates in making theoretical progress in hydrodynamic turbulence. I shall also illustrate the progress recently made in addressing this problem and discuss its broader implications.

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